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The subtitles are too much


Just funny

He really has this down pat!

It’s amazing what a simple bleep can do to childhood memories

Ready to really get this thing going

I posted a few things a while back and then neglected this blog horribly.  I am going to try to do better 🙂  Posting some of my favorite finds from the past half year… so you may have seen some of them before, but they are still funny – Enjoy!

Perfect timing

Amazing book

I liked this book from the beginning, but became convinced of the wonderful writing at the end of the first chapter. I was reading it on the crowded M60 bus to LaGuardia, and there, surrounded by people, I started crying. That is not too remarkable in and of itself, although not many books have made me cry. What is amazing is what I was crying over – the death of a fictional hamster. If I can be moved to tears for the demise of a non-existent creature, something powerful is at work.

I just finished the book last night, and it is amazing through and through. I highly recommend it to any and all. Just be wary of reading it on public transportation. My tears for the hamster were nothing compared to the full-blown crying I did on the subway while reading the end yesterday. All the more reason to read it though!


The fruits of my procrastination

I often come across things I like online, and want one place to keep them all together and share them with my people 🙂  So this will be a collection of things that make me smile, laugh, think, or somehow stimulate me.  It will likely be a mix of silly and serious, with quite a bit of politics, fashion, music, and some possibly offensive humor.  Some of the material will be found during bouts of procrastination, so I hope by passing it on this can be a place others can go to procrastinate as well 😀

Welcome to my blog!